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Games for MSX by Andrey Rodionov

Русская версия находится здесь: Игры для MSX Андрея Родионова

A versão portuguesa pode ser encontrada aqui: Jogos para MSX por Andrey Rodionov

English version

Copyright (C) 1988–2022 Andrey Rodionov


You probably know what this place is about if you're visiting it, but in case you don't: this is the website where you can purchase translated MSX games created by Andrey Rodionov in 1988 but completely renewed in 2022. We offer a digital edition (disk image .DSK) now but in case you are interested in obtaining the physical release, please contact us separately as we collect the requests to estimate how many physical copies required to be able to produce them in the nearest future.

Game pack consists of:

  • DSK file with 4 games and some bonuses
  • English/Portuguese detailed instructions
  • Box cover visual picture

Standard price for digital copy: USD 14.99 by PayPal (contact [DO NOT PAY] us via or for purchase and further payment instructions).

If you need more details about the games, please check the information below. You can find a brief history of games development, short descriptions of the games and screenshots.

A short look into game creation history

All 4 games, that were mentioned earlier, had been developed over 30 years ago, starting from their scripts and ending with graphics design, music and software — within just a few months. It became possible thanks to the previously developed SDK by the same author, that was called “Maestro”. The SDK had been written in C and Assembly programming languages. The games were also developed in C programming language using the author’s software libraries, macros and utilities, including the character pattern editor called “Pattern Composer” (PAC) — all included into the “Maestro” package.

Developer’s notes for all games

The main feature of these games is that the walkthrough of any of them never completely repeats, because a random number generator is used for the levels and objects creation. For example, objects in chests and keys that open the doors in the games about Major Pistoletov or planets and their location in the game Back to the Earth as well as the behavior of their inhabitants. In Danceroid such objects appear randomly to prevent the exit of the Danceroid from the maze.

So, even playing the same game, each time the player finds himself in a situation when the walkthrough is completely different. That means the tactics or even the strategy can radically change from trial to trial. This is especially noticeable in the game Back to the Earth, where each universe has to be previously explored and studied in order to complete the return mission.

In addition, not every game is determined to be passable — the player may find himself in desperate situations if he lacks any resources that he did not have time to collect or replenish in advance. In this case, the only way out is to “capitulate” by pressing the ESC key, and start the game from the beginning, finding yourself again in a slightly different situation from the previous one.

Perhaps this explains the fact that these rather old games are still popular nowadays and people continue to play them because, unlike some other games with strictly deterministic behavior leading to success, in these games a lot depends on luck and the logic of the player's behavior depends on the situation.

Back to the Earth

The situation your spaceship got into is outlined on the second page of the screen but requires some clarification. As a result of a hyperspace storm, you found yourself in an alien galaxy which is enclosed and locked in ordinary space. This means that flying out of its upper border you find yourself on its lower border and flying out of the left border you find yourself on the right border and vice versa.

You can only fly out of there by going into hyperspace, but unfortunately, as a result of the storm, you lost your Hyper–Engine, a Hyper–Receiver that can receive a signal from Earth, as well as a memory Crystal where you need to record this signal in order to set the starship back to Earth. In addition to all these troubles, you also need to send a Signal to the Earth so that the Earth will answer you via Hyper–Radio and give you guidance coordinates of the Solar system.

But all not so bad — the rest of the equipment works. The Reactor is operational, there is enough energy for protective shield and normal movement around the galaxy. Moreover, the galaxy is inhabited by intelligent beings who have everything you need — the Hyper–Engine, the Hyper–Receiver, the Crystal, and they can even send a broadcast Signal to Earth!

In addition to supplying you with the necessary items, they can restore the Shield, fix the onboard reactor, but usually they want something for exchange. And very often it is something that you have no idea about. Even though most of the inhabitants of the planets want to change something, there are planets and space objects on which they can help you completely disinterestedly and free. During your journey through the Galaxy space, you'll meet not only inhabitants of distant lands but Friendly or even Enemy objects! You are forewarned!

Major Pistoletov

All the basic conditions of Pistoletov's mission are listed in a letter from General Avtomatov, which Pistoletov can read immediately after entering Kashchei's* castle. However, many things are mentioned there only in passing and you have to guess about them yourself while exploring the castle.

Pistoletov at factory

The game is similar to the previous one, but it has a different plot, a different building that Pistoletov falls into, a different topology of the doors and transitions between them, different graphics and attributes. This is a more difficult and more interesting game where Pistoletov has the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Pistoletov's task is to shut off the broken Robot–Director, who began to disassemble his subordinate robots for parts. Factory workers (robots) can give you useful tips on how to do it in the best way, they can talk to you about other topics, and sometimes ask different questions.

In order to disable the Director, you must first hack his firewall, the control buttons of which are located in different rooms of the plant. These buttons must be sought and shot with a gun. The number of buttons to be destroyed is chosen by the player at the very beginning of the game and is in fact the choice of the difficulty level of the game.


The game plot is very simple at first glance — you need to help the Robot to get out of the Labyrinth, switching on the computers using keys of appropriate colors and inserting floppy disks of the same color into these computers, thus opening the doors of corresponding color in the Labyrinth.



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