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GreyWolf [Macro-80]
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-====== ​Ассемблер ​Macro-80 ======+====== Macro-80 ======
 Macro-80 assembler by Microsoft Macro-80 assembler by Microsoft
-{{macro80.zip |}}+This assembler/​linker/​library package was made by Microsoft for CP/M. It was later ported to MSX. 
 +Included in the package: 
 +  * CREF80.COM: Cross reference facility. Used to generate special listing that can be used for diagnostic. 
 +  * L80.COM: Linking loader. Used to load the relocatable modules compiled with Macro-80 Assembler. 
 +  * LIB80.COM: Library manager. Used to create and modify libraries later linked to compiled programs. 
 +  * M80.COM: Assembler with complete facilities for macro development. 
 ====== Ссылки ====== ====== Ссылки ======
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 https://​msxhub.com/​MACRO80 https://​msxhub.com/​MACRO80
 {{tag>​Assembler MSX }} {{tag>​Assembler MSX }}
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