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NestorMan is a dynamic memory manager for MSX2/2+/TR with MSX-DOS 2. It installs as a TSR, so it may be used by any other application. NestorMan offers the following capabilities:

  • Reservation of memory blocks with sizes between 1 byte and 16K. This mechanism is much more versatile than the one provided by DOS 2, which only allows the allocation of whole 16K segments. After asking NestorMan for a new block of the desired size, it returns the number of the segment where the block has been reserved, as well as its starting address. NestorMan automatically handles the allocation of new segments when they are needed.
  • Double-chained lists creation. These lists are data structures in which each item is stored with a pointer to the previous item and a pointer to the next item. It is possible to insert items (any data block with a size of up to 16K) and to extract them to/from any position on the list, as well as to «browse» the items (to move to the previous or to the next item, or to move to a given item providing his index number in the list).

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