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APCUPSd: apctest


apctest — программа из пакета APCUPSd, предназначена для настройки, калибровки ИБП.



service apcupsd stop
service apcupsd start

MS Windows

net stop apcupsd
net start apcupsd

Изменение даты замены батарей

Здесь описаны действия которые нужно выполнить, чтобы изменить дату замены батарей (BATTDATE).

Checking configuration ...
Attached to driver: apcsmart
sharenet.type = Network & ShareUPS Disabled
cable.type = Custom Cable Smart
mode.type = APC Smart UPS (any)
Setting up the port ...
Doing prep_device() ...

You are using a SMART cable type, so I'm entering SMART test mode
Hello, this is the apcupsd Cable Test program.
This part of apctest is for testing Smart UPSes.
Please select the function you want to perform.

1) Query the UPS for all known values
2) Perform a Battery Runtime Calibration
3) Abort Battery Calibration
4) Monitor Battery Calibration progress
5) Program EEPROM
6) Enter TTY mode communicating with UPS
Q) Quit

Select function number: 5
This is the EEPROM programming section of apctest.
Please select the function you want to perform.

 1) Print EEPROM values
 2) Change Battery date
 3) Change UPS name
 4) Change sensitivity
 5) Change alarm delay
 6) Change low battery warning delay
 7) Change wakeup delay
 8) Change shutdown delay
 9) Change low transfer voltage
10) Change high transfer voltage
11) Change battery return threshold percent
12) Change output voltage when on batteries
13) Change the self test interval
14) Set EEPROM with conf file values
 Q) Quit

Select function number: 2

Enter new battery date -- DD/MM/YY: 

Attempting to update UPS battery date ...
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