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rubackup is a ruby based unified backup application for Linux. It provides generic features so quite different backups can be created with a single program. Hence you only have to manage a single backup program with different configurations. It also provides simpler and more consistent backups as they are all named, monitored and rotated the same way. This is free software. It comes with no warranty. It has been released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.


  • Create local backups such as a tar archives, MySQL / PostgreSQL logical dump with a checksum file
  • Rotate backups using schedules with a daily/weekly/monthly granularity
  • Create and manage EBS Snapshots of all EBS Volumes attached to EC2 instances
  • Create compressed copy of a block device (LVM Snapshot can be created)
  • Create FSArchiver backups of filesystems (LVM Snapshot can be created)
  • Encrypt backups created locally using GnuPG public keys
  • Upload and manage backups in S3 buckets in AWS in order to have off-site copies
  • Send email notification using AWS SES at the end of each execution



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