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Updating Carnivore2's firmware from command line

This document describes updating Carnivore2's firmware from the command line using the Quartus II Web Edition (Free) 15.0.

Below you can find the examples for MS Windows and Linux.

The updating must be done in the following order:

  1. Supply power to Carnivore2:
    • Supply 5v to the cartridge board (mind the polarity!)
      Recommended power cable:

      Connecting power cable to cartridge:

    • Connect the USB Blaster's cable to the AS connector's placeholder on the cartridge (make sure that the cable is connected correctly!)
      It's recommended to use the dual-row pin header (PLD 2×5, 2.54mm spacing), it needs to be inserted into the USB Blaster flat cable's connector:

      Then the cable with the pin header needs to be connected to the AS connector's placeholder on the cartridge board and it should be a bit tilted to make sure that it has a good connection to the board:

  2. Issue the firmware upload command upload command and wait for it to finish
  3. After updating the firmware, remove the cables from the cartridge board in this order:
    • USB Blaster's cable
    • power cable

carnivore2.cdf file

Create the file named carnivore2.cdf, that contains the correct path to the file.

MS Windows
Pay attention to the divider in the example:
example of carnivore2.cdf
Example path to the file:
example of carnivore2.cdf

USB port number

Now it's time to connect the USB Blaster and identify the USB port number:

MS Windows
C:\altera\15.0\quartus\bin64\quartus_pgm -l


Info: Command: quartus_pgm -l
1) USB-Blaster [USB-0]
~/altera/15.0/quartus/bin/quartus_pgm -l


Info: Command: quartus_pgm -l
1) USB-Blaster [3-2]

Uploading the firmware

The command line must contain the full path to the application, USB port number and the path to the carnivore2.cdf file.

MS Windows
C:\altera\15.0\quartus\bin64\quartus_pgm --cable="USB-Blaster [USB-0]" E:\MSX\Carnivore2\carnivore2.cdf
~/altera/15.0/quartus/bin/quartus_pgm --cable="USB-Blaster [3-2]" ~/MSX/Carnivore2/carnivore2.cdf

Output exxample

Output exxample

Info: Command: quartus_pgm --cable="USB-Blaster [USB-0]" E:\MSX\Carnivore2\carnivore2.cdf
Info (213045): Using programming cable "USB-Blaster [USB-0]"
Info (213011): Using programming file E:/MSX/Carnivore2/Firmware/carnivore2.pof with checksum 0x05E40CB4 for device EPCS4@1
Info (209060): Started Programmer operation at Tue Jan 04 12:08:32 2022
Info (209018): Device 1 silicon ID is 0x12
Info (209044): Erasing ASP configuration device(s)
Info (209020): Blank-checking device 1
Info (209024): Programming device 1
Info (209022): Performing verification on device 1
Info (209018): Device 1 silicon ID is 0x12
Info (209011): Successfully performed operation(s)
Info (209061): Ended Programmer operation at Tue Jan 04 12:08:40 2022
Info: Quartus II 64-Bit Programmer was successful. 0 errors, 0 warnings
    Info: Peak virtual memory: 240 megabytes
    Info: Processing ended: Tue Jan 04 12:08:40 2022
    Info: Elapsed time: 00:00:09
    Info: Total CPU time (on all processors): 00:00:01
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