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TestRAM version 2.0

TestRAM v2.0 and TestRAM v2.0 SE (C) 1998 A&L Software and RBSC 2023

Русская версия находится здесь: TestRAM версия 2.0

TestRAM 2.0

RBSC presents the reworked version of the 1998's TESTRAM utility. The original version was created by A&L Software. The old RAM testing utility had a few problems that have been fixed in the 2.0 version. In addition, the SE (Special Edition) version has been created, this version is compatible with Arabic and Korean MSX/MSX2 computers.

The following bugfixes and new features are available in v2.0:

  • Correct detection of 32kb RAM in a non-expanded slot 0 (previous version crashed on base RAM test)
  • The base RAM test is run only on 16kb of available RAM when a computer has only 32kb in slot 0
  • An additional mapper detection has been added, this allows to test the on-board mapper
  • The program can be now controlled by joystick in port 1
  • The special edition works correctly on Arabic and Korean MSXs (for example Daewoo CPC-400s)
    TestRAM 2.0 Special Edition

The utility is available in BAS, ROM and BIN formats for flexible usage in different situations.

TestRAM version 2.0

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