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Quartus II

Software for programming FPGA.

Web Edition (Free)


This version supports:

  • ModelSim-Altera Edition
  • ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition (Free)
  • Arria II
  • Altera Cyclone II
  • Cyclone IV
  • Cyclone V
  • MAX II
  • MAX 10 FPGA

To work with the Altera Cyclone II on the Individual Files tab, just download these files:

Name Links Size MD5 checksum
Quartus II Software (includes Nios II EDS)
MS Windows versionlink 1
link 2
1.4 GB5E911CCB98D94233CF539B5C7CA5ACB7
Linux versionlink 1
link 2
1.7 GBB2702010C1D6E145E4C4EE70EFD87B86
Cyclone IV device supportlink 1
link 2
463.9 MB49C3B14231152085309E076717A7044D

Chain Description File (.cdf)

An ASCII text file (with the extension .cdf) that stores Altera device programming information. You can use a Chain Description Files (.cdf) to program or configure a single device or one or more devices in a JTAG chain.

A .cdf contains the target device name, programming options, programming files (SRAM Object Files (.sof), Programmer Object Files (.pof), Jam Files (.jam), Jam Byte Code Files (.jbc)) and programming order. Each open Programmer window is a Chain Description File. You can have multiple Chain Description Files open, but you can program with only one Chain Description File at a time. You can open a Chain Description File either by creating a Chain Description File or by opening an existing Chain Description File.

fpga - Quartus Programmer II TCL flash *.pof file - Stack Overflow

Chain Description File (.cdf) Definition

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