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Remote assistant (x11vnc-assistant)


Русская версия находится здесь: Дистанционный помощник (x11vnc-assistant)

The script works only in Python 2

The script is written in Python, the graphical user interface is implemented using the wxWidgets library.

This solution allows the user to independently enable / disable access to his session on the server; for access, the x11vnc server is used, which is run as the current user.

This solution can be useful for the following tasks:

  • Providing technical support to the user (management)
  • The user can broadcast their actions to other users (view only)

The type of connection to the session is determined by the type of password:

  • view only
  • for management

Information to connect to the session:

  • Server name
  • Port number
  • Password to manage
  • Password to view

All these parameters are also available in the form of a list, so it is convenient to copy them.

To connect to a user session, you can use any RDP client; when connecting to a terminal server (the Server Name parameter), you only need to select the appropriate connection, for example x11vnc and specify the appropriate Port number and Password. x11vnc-xrdp

Example settings for xrdp, section of file /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini



Example for run from IceWM

prog "=  Remote assistant" /opt/x11vnc-assistant/icons/x11vnc.ico /opt/x11vnc-assistant/


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