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PortAL Portable Application Launcher

An open source application launcher.

Design for portable mode (usb key for example).

Low cost memory, hotkey access, application icons in menu.

Graphical User Interface Productivity tools is a set of tools to improve usability, productivity and accessibility of the standard win32 interface while keeping the tools as light as possible. PortAL is a part of GUIPro, it is a portable and light application launcher which use hotkeys and popup menus.

The PortAL configuration is a XML file which contains the structure of menus and application shortcuts.





Graphical User Interface Productivity (GUIPro)
Portable Application Launcher (PortAL)

The root node ( <portal> ) could have several attributes.
 * defaultshell="true" - start all applications using the shell (ShellExecute)
 * showshortcut="true" - display by default shortcuts in the menu

Children of the root node will be displayed in the System Tray.
So if you add an application as a root child, a link for this application will be displayed in the systray.
There is two main type of nodes : group, app.
All yes/no attributes have as default value "no". You may configure it with keywords "yes/true".

The group node ( <group ...> ) could be configure with theses attributes:
 * name - 
 * key - 
 * mod - 
 * ico - 
 * autoopen - [yes/no]

The application node ( <app .../> ) could be configure with theses attributes:
 * name - 
 * key - 
 * mod - 
 * exe - 
 * ico - 
 * path - 
 * param - 

 * shell - [yes/no] - Launch the application using shell execution (can launch non executable files)
 * browse - [yes/no] - Display the content of the directory
 * showsc - [yes/no] - Display the shortcut information in the menu. You can use "no/false" if portal:showshortcut is activated.
 * default - [yes/no] - Display the elemnet as default
 * autorun - [yes/no] - Start the application at portal startup
 * break - [yes/no] - Display the element in a new column

There is another types of nodes which could be added in a group node.
 * sep - Create a separator.
 * quit - Create an menu entry which allow you to quit PortAL. This item is automatically added in systray menus.
 * about - Create an menu entry which allow you to show the about balloon. This item is automatically added in systray menus.
 * reload (deprecated)

Theses nodes could work without any attribute but you can still override somes.
 * name - Override the name. Add one name if it is a separator.
 * ico - Override the icon (Do not work on separators).
 * key/mod - Configure and attached an hotkey to this item (Do not work on separators).

portal.ico portal.ico

portal_admin.ico portal_admin.ico


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