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InterNestor Suite

Разработка InterNestor Suite прекращена.

Развитием этого решения является InterNestor Lite.

InterNestor Suite is a TCP/IP plus PPP stack for MSX2/2+/TR computers with MSX-DOS 2, at least 256K mapped RAM and RS232 interface. It allows internet connection through a modem and using any ISP access account, or direct connection to other computer using a null-modem cable. It installs as a TSR, so any application may use its routines for acessing the internet. InterNestor Suite consists on:

  • Installer program, it installs the modules that compose the stack.
  • Four code modules: physical module (RS232), link level module (PPP), network level module (IP) and transport level module (TCP).
  • Modem dialer for connections via modem+ISP.
  • PPP connection and TCP connections control programs.
  • Four simple applications: a PING client, a resolver (name server access client, for example to convert site names to IP addresses), a simple telnet client, and a complete FTP client.
  • User's and programmer's manual, in english. This manual explains how to install and use InterNestor Suite, and provides all the necessary information for developping internet based applications.

Note: InterNestor Suite requires NestorMan to work.

Downloads for InterNestor Suite: INS-V10.LZH: InterNestor Suite 1.0 , with all the components mentioned above plus the Erik Maas' Fossil driver for RS232, needed by the stack to work.


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